Massachusetts Archive

Filmic Threshold


Watching film is a means of escape from the world we perceive to be reality, the non-virtual, and a means of entering the virtual realm of alternate realities. The crux of this inflexion is marked with a split. The project defines the non-virtual and the virtual to exist along a gradient organized by a ray that runs through the Union Square site originating at the intersection of Sommerville Avenue and Prospect Street and leads through the intersection at Washington Street and Columbus Ave to the North East. The relationship between site and archive is mediated through the graduation of programs from the virtual orientated along this urban ray. Two program poles of virtuality define the gradient: the market and the film conservation room. The significant point of inflexion between the non-virtual and the virtual is marked architecturally by a set of walls that bisect the site perpendicular to the ray of programmatic gradation and create a split and lift from the ground plane of perceptual reality.





CD2015_sfathi_project 03_62 copy






CD2015_sfathi_project 03_28

Site Plan (1.500 on A2)





CD2015_sfathi_project 03_22






CD2015_sfathi_project 03_23

Exploded Axonometric





CD2015_sfathi_project 03_24

Exploded Axonometric






CD2015_sfathi_project 03_30

Plan (1:100 on A2)





CD2015_sfathi_project 03_107

Model Plan View