A four bedroom house, commissioned by the client in 2019. The proposal sits on top of a wooded hill within a valley. The driving design interest was that of optically extending the valley into the site, into the proposal itself, as a form of valley reorganisation, such that the valley is tethered to the proposal and vice versa. A central spine/void runs through the proposal massing, acting as the datum of spatial organisation for the proposal. The masses of the proposal are optically perceived as geological masses upon entering the proposal, despite being many times smaller than the valley masses themselves. The 1:100 scale deals with more local conditions of the local woodland, and attempts to simulate their complexities (light, water, HDR, density, verticality, etc). The proposal therefore attempts simulates its surroundings at a range of scales.

DRP and preapp in progress. An ambitious paragraph 79)e NPPF project.