A small house for two, in Devon UK. One main volume for living, with a bathroom and an outdoor platform. Situated on a hill with a few not-so-distant homes looking at it, shy to them. It wants to look over these homes to the Exe Valley. Its visors are up to filter out the view, and project the inhabitants vision through the valley. The visor space (the platform) is habitable as a dinner spot, etc. It’s also a little shy because of its political context; for a few reasons it’s a little bit covert. For example, the west window facing towards the village almost fully slips behind the west visor to hide its nightly-glowing occupancy and conceal its entire presence. Almost, if not for a 100mm reveal from the visor, generating a healthy quantity of political friction. 100mm of glowing friction. Geometrically, the inverse can be said for the east elevation, where it has no onlookers. The visors mediate all of these notions. Specifically, the outward/inward dynamic. Credits to Baba (co-builder and sponsor).